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In this final phase, we implement your STRATEGY and fresh CONTENT by putting it to work!

Due to our integrated model of deeply understanding your brand, our MVMNT Management team:


Will audit the performance of your posts and videos to monitor what type of content captivates your audience and which hashtags increase followership.


Will strategically place your content dependant on the type of photography or video, that will fit best with a given social media platform.


Will ensure your posts are speaking to your brand STORY and are addressing your unique selling points.


Will post a minimum of three static and/or dynamic content pieces across all Social Media platforms identified in the STRATEGY phase.


Will be “liking”, following and commenting to your audience. Think of it as virtual networking.

It isn’t as easy as just posting your content and praying we capture your audience. The MVMNT team understands Social Media changes and it is up to us to be on top of how and where your content is displayed.